Modern dentistry in which we evolve sets us on a continuous uprising position. Our goal is to make life better for you and your family, because we believe that oral health is strongly related to your health, social status and general state of mind

This is why we assembled a very special team meant to provide all the complex dental services.

Prevention and Oral Hygiene include plaque control, dental scaling, home brushing instructions, detection of early bad habits and their deconditioning. Recognizing of bad habits in children is the key to avoiding future problems such as orthodontic lesions and functional influence (eg. night teeth grinding, oral respiration, thumbsucking).

Pedodontics becomes the key, as our children need to be fearless of the dentist and to be taught about hygiene. All children related dental problems will be gently treated by our dentists. All temporary  teeth are important and should be treated for cavities and should be kept on place as much as possible until the permanent teeth erupt. For profilactic reasons the permanent molars should be sealed with special dental sealants ir ordere to prevent future tooth decay.

Prophylaxis includes various methods meant to prevent tooth decay. These include dental sealings and office fluoridation with special fluoride gels that aim both temporary and permanent teeth.

Any dental anomalies detected from an early age will be referred to our Orthodontist. Orthodontics apply also for adults, so if you want to have a beautiful perfect smile, it is never too late.

Odontal therapy, Endodontics and Esthetics are also part of our dental branches. Our specialized doctors will gladly help you if you have dental cavities, root canal treatments to be taken care of, teeth to be cleaned or whitened, scaling to be done. Esthetics also include the achievement of a beautiful new smile with porcelain veneers, porcelain and zirconium crowns.

Periodontics is a part of our work that concerns all the lesions of the gingiva and periodontium, most important for the life of you teeth. Their health is essential to keeping your teeth as long as possible. All problems related to your gums will be delicately treated by our doctors.

Prosthodontics is a very wide are of our dental work that includes dental crowns, bridges, veneers, removable prosthodontics, implant supported crowns and bridges.

From the very simple tooth extractions to the most complicated cyst removals, apical resections, bone augmentations and sinus elevations our surgeons will be glad to help. Oral surgery  is a very important part in dentistry, on which we rely in order to achieve complete dental rehabilitation treatments.

Last but not least, Implantology is considered to be the best solution to rehabilitate missing teeth. The advantages of a dental implant include bone height and thickness preserve, healthy tooth preserve and functional rehabilitation, the closest to your own teeth. By avoiding the hard substance intervention on adjacent teeth, Implantology is the biological solution to replace a missing tooth.

Our greatest achievement is the successful finalization of any dental treatment and you satisfaction is our final reward. And since our work is done with pleasure and out of passion, we can sincerely say that we put our heart and soul into regaining your smile!